Professional Danish Genealogist

I am a professional researcher with extensive experience in finding genealogical information from various archives in Denmark. Church books and census records will quickly reveal several generations.

Names and dates make up your family tree, but I give you much more than that. I find probate records, military service records, real estate records – that which truly makes up your roots. I make history come alive!

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If I don’t find anything, you don’t pay anything – no matter how many hours I spent searching.

I have extensive experience with Danish sources regarding emigration from Denmark to the USA.

I am very competent in deciphering old texts, even gothic handwriting from the 17th and 18th centuries.

I always give precise source references and copies and translations of all original documents.





Experience and passion through 15 years

I have 15 years of experience doing genealogy research. In fact, genealogy is my passion, and I have found great joy in helping others with both minor tasks such as translations and major tasks like finding long lines of ancestors.

My work is not only limited to dealing with ancestors, but I also find descendants. I have even succeeded in finding living Danish relatives of someone whose Danish ancestor immigrated to the USA in the late 1800s. Due to protection of living people’s privacy this is often a more difficult task.

Great knowledge of language changes

I have completed a course in language history, which gives me a clear advantage when it comes to family research. Danish spelling has changed immensely over the years, which has influenced both place names and family names.

One Danish place name was spelled Eiilbeche in the 17th century, but today it is spelled Elbæk. My knowledge of these changes in spelling not only helps me when I backtrack through generations of ancestors, but also when going forward in time trying to find descendants.




We can share data through the use of gedcom files, which is often sufficient. However, I have various genealogy programs, so in many cases I am able to give you the data in the file-type used by your own program.

I offer package deals to make it easy for you to place an order, however, if you have special wishes, simply contact me and then I will send you a price for your specific project.  Your satisfaction is essential to me.


Trust is my top priority both in regards to data security and to delivery of the promissed product. Doing genealogy I sometimes come across sensitive personal information.

To make you feel secure about using my services, I want to point out that I will never deviate from my privacy policy. Furthermore, I will never charge you anything, if I don’t find any data for you. This goes even if I have searched for several hours or maybe even days.