Customized Research

All my research projects are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. One customer may want to find as many ancestors as possible, another may only be interested in following one line of ancestry and yet another may want to find descendants of a specific ancestor. I am therefore not able to state a standard price for my projects.


Hourly Rate and Billable Time

My hourly rate is 280 Danish kroner (DKK), when no VAT applies. This is about 43 USD.

For residents inside the EU, VAT applies and then the hourly rate is 350 DKK including VAT. This is about £54.

Billable Time

Once we have agreed on the starting point and the scope of the project, I will send a contract outlining the objectives and terms of the research. Any time spent before the acceptance of the contract will not be billed.

When the contract has been accepted, I will begin the project as agreed. Billable hours are:

  • Research, gathering and analyzing evidence

  • Clarification of information supplied by the client

  • Writing the report

  • Proof reading

  • Non-Billable Time

    Non-billable hours include:

  • Accounting, billing, bookkeeping

  • The preliminary search

  • After sales services

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    Types of sources used

    To do thorough research, I consult as many relevant sources as possible. Most projects include information from church books and census records. The first Danish national census took place in 1787 and the oldest kept church book dates back to 1573. The information in the census and church records varies from place to place and over time. Correlating the information from these records with others records is an essential step in the research process. Other frequently used sources are described below.

    Probate files

    Probate files can provide information about heirs and other relatives and a detailed description of the belongings of the deceased. They are very useful for confirming relationships.

    Real estate records

    Real estate records include tenancy records, land and fire insurance records. Tenancy records (also known as copyhold deeds) can be used to confirm the relationship between a father and his son because a tenancy was often inherited.

    Tax records

    Tax records are among the oldest records available, dating back to the 1500s. They can be used to confirm relationships, because they sometimes state names of all inhabitants above the age of ten.

    Military records

    Military records can be used to follow a man who moved away from his home parish. They can also help confirm the relationship between the man and his father.